Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Saginaw pays $6,565 for testing of Tasers used by police on man who died in custody

Mark Tower |

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”451″ align=”right” width=”200″ autoHeight=”true”] SAGINAW, MI — Bobby Louis Merrill Jr., 38, of Saginaw was walking near the intersection of Washington and Gallagher on April 10, when police received a call that he was acting erratically, running into traffic and jumping onto cars.

After an altercation with police, which included the use of a Taser on the man, Merrill went into cardiac arrest and died. After an investigation, Merrill’s death was said to be caused by alcohol and “high levels of cocaine” in his system at the time, according to an announcement by Saginaw County Prosecutor Michael Thomas in June.

Despite that ruling, the city’s attorney recommended that the four Tasers being used by officers during the incident be sent away for independent testing, Assistant City Manager for Public Safety Phil Ludos told City Council at its Monday, Nov. 26, meeting.

Later on in the meeting, Saginaw City Council voted to approve a $6,565 final bill to the testing company, CRT Less-Lethal, Inc.
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