Law Enforcement Solutions

Despite claims otherwise, law enforcement and corrections officers are increasingly facing non-deadly scenarios throughout the world today. Whether it is a single non-compliant subject or an organized riot the protection of our officers and innocent civilians during these non-deadly scenarios is paramount.

The family of MARK 61 and 63 HEROs (Handheld Emergency Response Options) has been designed to provide a simple, scalable, and an effective method to protect officers and innocent civilians during non-deadly situations.

For the first time, officers are now able to control non-deadly situations with a proactive approach versus a reactive one. No longer needing to carry or draw multiple non-deadly options, these HEROs provide officers with a myriad of options to mitigate these all to often dangerous situations. And as law agency budgets get tighter and tighter, the MARK 61 and MARK 63 HEROs maximize effectiveness while minimizing training time and cost.


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