About Aegis

At AEGIS we believe that one of the most important actions any government, agency, and operator will ever take is the deployment of force on its’ own citizens. It is for this reason that Aegis has taken a scientific and philosophic approach to the design, development, and deployment of our non-deadly technologies.

AEGIS was founded on the belief that those that have volunteered to put themselves into harm’s way to protect us, as well as the citizen’s they serve, deserve only the best in scalable non-deadly force options.

And we at Aegis also believe that every individual should be capable of providing their own personal security since the government will not always be there to provide it for them.


AEGIS’ mission is simple: To defend, protect, and preserve life.


Our founder knows about the deployment of force first hand and has assembled a dynamic leadership team that continues to improve our products and the lives of the officers and citizens that use them.


AEGIS hires only best and the quietest of professionals. Our team of professionals don’t just think out of the box, they live there. And they have to because at AEGIS, we don’t simply meet or even exceed industry standards. We actually set them. So if you have reached the pinnacle of your profession and are ready to transition to another career where you can leverage your previous experience, we are looking for you.